Tuesday, April 05, 2005

YAY for God!!!

So I got more good news today. Man, I am once again SOOO blown away by God's provision for me. I simply cannot be worried about money/my job after the way he's shown Himself faithful time and time again. So what's this have to do with today, you ask?

Well, for the past 3 or 4 years, the school board has been laying off teachers below a certain level of seniority at the end of the school year. Mostly it's just to reshuffle people, and to make sure that people with highest seniority get the jobs, I suppose, but still it sucks for newer teachers (like me!) cause we get laid off, and often can't stay at the same school. It's hard when teachers have to move around all the time to build up consistency, get to know the kids/staff, etc. Now right from the start God has had his hand in my job. I got hired my first September of teaching, and even though I got laid off last year, I ended up back at the same school this year, AND with a full time assignment! :D

So of course, this is the time of year when the budget comes out, and everybody starts wondering about layoffs again. I still don't have enough seniority to 'escape' layoffs if they should happen. Well, the board came out with it's preliminary budget today, and guess what.... NO LAYOFFS!!! That means that I get to keep my job next year! I'm SOOOO happy about that! I'm finally starting to get to know all the kids (all 600 of them!) and I'm starting to feel like I actually have somewhat of a handle on what I'm doing. Plus, I LOVE my school. I get to stay!!! My assignment will look a little different, but most likely I'll even be able to stay at full time.

I just marvel at this, cause it's SO hard to get a contract these days it seems. Here I am, it's my second year of teaching, and I've been at the same school for both years, now I get to stay! PLUS, even if there are layoffs next year, I might have enough seniority to not be laid off. (I can't help but feel a little guilty about it, though, cause there are lots of teachers out there who have been trying for so long to get contracts.) I'm really grateful for what I've got!

Thanks God! Your timing and your mercy continue to amaze me! :D

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Steve said...

that's awesome. God is like, so there and it's amazing when he pours out His blessings - continually, again and again, consistently and in good doses. :)