Thursday, April 28, 2005

Oh the insanity!

We don't really know how insane BC politics really is.

Sure, we've got the Liberals and the NDP. And we all know about the Green Party. But did you know that in BC there are FOURTY-FIVE political parties? Of course, they don't all have candidates in every riding, but FOURTY-FIVE!!! So, if you're not too happy about the Liberals or NDP, here are a few more options for you to take a look at, taken from the political parties page on the Elections BC website.

The Annexation Party of British Columbia
They wanna annex BC to the US, making it the 51st state.

The Communist Party of BC
Cause we all know how well THAT one worked out...

The Free Canadian Party (formerly known as the Bald Eagle Party)
errmm..... the Bald Eagle party?!?!

The Idealists Party
solidly rooted in reality?

The People of British Columbia Millionare's Party
Do we get a million bucks to join??? Oh yeah, and it's home base? GOLD RIVER!

The Work Less Party
Their slogans? "Alarm Clocks Kill Dreams" and "Workers of the world.... RELAX!"
Hmm... maybe they're on to something with that one...

Party Of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think For Themselves And Be Their Own Politicians
Now that's far too long a name. They prefer to go by the acronym POCWHDTTFTABTOP. No joke.

And what BC election campaign would be complete without these two:

The Sex Party
Their goal? TO create a more sex-positive culture. They want to, and I quote, "make society better and have fun doing it." Oh dear.

And of course, The BC Marijuana Party
"Overgrowing the Government"
Hmmm... I wonder what some of their platform might include? Well, we all know the basics, but what about some specific things they'd do if voted in? How about this one:

The BCMP will also make marijuana the official flora of B.C. We like the dogwood as much as anyone, but there is no denying that cannabis is the Province’s most recognized flower.

(well what do you expect from a party who's stoned most of the time?)

Sidenote: If you're a member of, candidate for, or believer in any of these parties that I'm rolling my eyes at, mocking, or being appalled at, just carry on. All this is is tongue-in-cheek amazement at the multitide of political parties I had no idea existed! Go democracy! Any old crack pot (even me!) could make a party! Perhaps I'll call mine "The Party That Was Created For the Sole Purpose of Being Number Fourty Six." All our dollar amounts will have $0.46 added to them. We'll run the province by the number 46! 46's everywhere! Mwuahahahahahaaaaa!

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Paul said...

In the UK we have 318 registered political parties according to the Electoral Commission. Most of them stood in last Thursday's General Election.