Monday, April 11, 2005

BIttersweet thoughts


I think I"m gonna start leaving my car unlocked from now on. And I'll post instructions on how to hotwire it. AND how to actually get it into drive. Then maybe someone will steal it, total it, and I'll get some money for that hunk'o'junk and start over. The beastmobile has yet another issue, which means I'll have to take the bus to work tomorrow. And then worry about finding hte time to get it fixed. It's a flat tire, no biggie, really, but come ON. I wouldn't be so frustrated if the flat tire wasn't preceded by a bazillion other things. Oh well, it could be a lot worse.


My nextdoor neighbour Julie knocked on my door tonight at 11:30, cause her husband got home from grocery shopping and noticed I had a flat. She wanted to let me know soI wouldn't be surprised in the morning when I went out to my car. How sweet is that? And I'm especially grateful for that, seeing as I've been getting out the door really late these days and only arriving at school maybe 5 mins before the bell. I'd be late for sure if that happened tomorrow. I am really fortunate to live where I do. My landlords are awesome (I don't even really like to refer to them as landlords - they're friends). Who has landlords who bring you down homemade soup and homemade mint tea when you're home sick? And Shawn and Julie next door are super nice, too. There are 3 or 4 other households on my block who are really friendly, too. It's funny, I'm right here in the middle of the city, and it still has a neighbourhood feel to it. Sweet.


Even as I write this, I'm reminded about the fact that it's not about our stuff, but about people. It's so easy to get caught up in stuff - what I have, or what I have to DO - and let people get pushed aside. I want to keep making relationship-building a priority. After all, Jesus didn't get all worked up about the annoyances of daily life (like a clunkermobile), he came for PEOPLE. I want to be better at being like that.

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