Monday, April 04, 2005

So what's the point...

... of this blog? I've been thinking lately that I don't really have a 'theme' or a general purpose for what I post here.

Some write political commentaries. YAWN (sorry if you're a political commentator, it's not my thing! :p)
Some write deep, introspective, journals of their deepest doubts and fears and dreams. I don't think I want to share those kind of things about myself with the world in general.
Some write to keep friends up to date on all their exotic adventures. Maybe one day.... ;)

Me? I just write random stuff. Post a picture. Share a joke. Tell a story. Maybe people read it, maybe not. But here ya go. It's me! Random snipits into my life - what I'm thinking and who I am. Not trying to impress anyone here! I guess that's a purpose in and of itself. (maye it's just a place for me to yabber on... hee hee hee!) What can I say, sometimes I feel like being deep, sometimes I don't! :P

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