Saturday, January 15, 2005

Staving off boredom

Well, it's been 4 days holed up at home feeling crappy... I've been going insane! (hee hee, my insanity isn't WHY I was holed up, just a by-product... yeah yeah, leave me alone! :) ) Anyway, I was sick, but I'm feeling better, yay! We'll see how long this cough lasts, though. I've been doing lots of TV watching, though... I forgot how AWESOME Mr Dressup is! Where are the quality shows like that nowadays, hmmm?

My mom bought me chicken soup yesterday... awwww! Moms are the best! AND she helped me un-decorate from Christmas - my house looks so sad and empty now! LOL, better sad and empty NOW than sad and empty in MARCH, which is when I finally got around to taking down my decorations two years ago! Whoops!

So I actually got out of the house last night... I went to go see the Aviator with my friend Brad. What a crazy movie! Howard Hughes (poor guy!) was not exactly the most sane guy around! Made for a good movie, though.

So, what's on today? I think I"m gonna go for a walk before it starts raining for two weeks straight (ah, Vancouver weather is back, baby!). Then who knows? Oof.. I have a mountain of marking to do! That's what happens when you miss 4 days of work. Sigh. Off I go...

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