Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Walking Cartoon says the jig is (almost!) up

Ah... cyberspace anonymity. It can be very fun. Though I'm debating revealing my identity. My only dilemma is that if I do, people may think I'm a creepy stalker lady... which I'm not, of course!!! Read on for the story...

Many moons ago (like in October) I was chatting with someone who I had met online. A few times he sent me a link to this website that he and a bunch of his friends are members of. It's kind of a forum/message board thing. He sent me the link to some jokes he posted, and I continued to browse the forum, just to see what was there, that kind of thing. We eventually stopped writing, but I checked the site every now and then, cause it was kinda interesting to see what people had to say, and also to read the daily jokes that my former pen-pal posts. Sooner or later, I got to thinking it would be fun to post a few replies myself, so I signed up as a member.

BUT, thinking it would be kinda strange for me to just appear on the site, I just made up a knickname (as many of the people on the site have) and kept my info fairly general. I posted here and there, not too often. What I didn't immediately realize, though, was that everybody knows everybody else on the site, so when I started posting, they were curious as to who I was (at first they thought I was someone they knew in disguise). I got a whole thread/topic devoted to "Who is this person?" Well, I couldn't just ignore it, but I also didn't want to use my real name, cause the guy would then know it was me! Aaaw-kward!

Now here is the point I should have just either left the forum or told who I was, but I didn't! I used my middle name (not that bad!) and told them I lived in Vancouver (which I do!). How did I find the site, they asked. Just by fluke I told them. What a lame-o answer. Actually, I said I was trying random URLs (insert your laughter at me here!). Lame lame lame! But that was that, and life continued on.

Now there's no particular reason that I need to divulge my identity. I don't know any of these people (well, except the guy), and I haven't given any info that might make the guy put two and two together. But the more time that passes, the more I feel weird about it! (In kind of a hilarious, what the heck have I gotten myself into kind of way! :D ) Twice now people have suggested that I go hang out with them some time, cause they think it'd be fun to meet me (well, I am a fun person to meet! ;) . They haven't been specific invitations, more like an idea put out there. So I have yet to respond to it. But you can see my dilemma! Oh, and I should mention here, too, that the guy and I met up for coffee once after work, so he would know me if he saw me. Imagine the scenario! "Hi, I'm ___" and the guy goes, "No you're not, you're Hillary! That was YOU?!?!" Like I say. Creepy stalker lady. Except I'm not! (actually, I have no interest in the guy at all! ummm, that sounds mean... he was a nice guy, but not a match for me, and I'm not looking for anything now anyway, simple as that!)

I hope that you are rolling on the floor laughing at me by now! It IS pretty funny. I suppose I could tell them that I'm moving to Iceland and so can't hang out with them. Or that I'm confined to bed because I have some infectious disease. But really... where does the web of lies stop? :P

Ah, the adventures in the world of Hillary! Hmmm... it occurs to me now that all this is because I jsut couldn't keep my mouth shut! I had to say something on the forum instead of just keeping quiet! hahahahahahaha!!! Typical me!

Put yourself in my shoes! What would you do? Anything?

And PS. If by some crazy fluke you are a member of this forum and are reading this going, "Oh my goodness, Oh my gooness, Oh my goodness!" Yup, you found me out! I'm all for hanging out if you're not totally scared of me now! Hee hee!

Phew! It feels good to get that all off my chest! :D

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Cathy said...

You are a silly person!! Gee cyberspace can be so confronting sometimes, even though it is just the computer screen and you.