Sunday, January 30, 2005

Invisibility and confusion

Well I had all these plans to get some stuff done today.... have I done anything? No! Ah, but Sundays are supposed to be a day of rest, right? (Hmm... don't know if my students will buy that excuse if I don't have their stuff marked. OK, so I have to do a LITTLE bit of work today).

I had an interesting experience at lunch today. I went to Reno's, a super swanky establishment of fine dining (HA! Try super duper sketchy greasy spoon), after church today with some folks from the young adult crowd. Most were fine, but I had a few moments that made me kinda sad. I'd start saying something, and I guess one girl just wasn't interested in what I was saying or something, cause she'd start talking over me, and then the conversation would kinda turn to whatever she was saying... it was weird. It was like I didn't exist! I'm pretty sure she didn't do it on purpose, but man, it's kinda odd to just have to trail off cause nobody's listening to what you were saying! I really felt like I was invisible. Oh well... things like that just make me more aware, I guess, so I can be sure not to do that to others!

I got home and have basically just been kicking around all evening... I talked to a friend of mine who just got back from Ireland. She's engaged!!!! I'm not surprised, I was fully expecting her to come back from this visit (her boy lives in Ireland) with a ring. But I'm kinda disappointed, cause she was telling me that they're going to get married in Hawaii in June, just the two of them and their parents. I dunno, I'm disappointed that none of our gang will be able to go to the wedding. She doesn't want a big deal, and doesn't want to plan it, and it's way cheaper to do it that way, but I can't help feeling kinda odd about it. I don't know. Is that selfish of me? Maybe it's just weird cause only three of us (us being our group of friends from university) have ever even met him, and all that was was a tour of a brewery and dinner. Maybe it's just that any of my other friends who've gotten married, I've known the spouses. I guess I'm concerned, partly, too, cause it seems to be a very independent relationship. They met while they were both traveling in Australia, so they don't really know eachother's friends (though she's been to Ireland twice now for visits) and they both don't really talk to their parents too much about stuff... It just seems that the choice of a marriage partner is a big decision, and it seems like, while obviously it's a choice that has to be made by the people involved (DUH!) there should be some kind of input from family and friends. I don't know. Maybe I'm way off. Even as I type that I'm second guessing myself. I don't know why I feel kinda weird about it. Don't get me wrong, I'm SOOO glad that she's happy, and I'm excited for her (even if it does mean that she's moving to Ireland for two years or so), but there's just something nagging at me. It seems like she's isolating herself from friends and her family, I don't know why. Again, maybe I"m way off base. I just love her so much, and want God's best for her! Arg! Why do things have to be so complicated?

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Steve said...

Reno's is the benchmark of fine dining yes. lol. My friends and I go there every tuesday morning for breakfast. We've decided to cut back to once a month now since it's way tough for me to get up at 6:30AM. We go to Bert's as well on Main - quality breakfast there too.