Saturday, September 05, 2009

My house loves me!

Wow. I really HAVE been hit with a whirlwind coming back. I've been trying to not be too busy, but even at that, in the last week I've been home only to sleep every day last week. Don't have time for a full update post right now (waiting for my cell company to call me back, emailing the printers back and forth about some cards I'm having made, got to head out to do a bunch of errands, then heading to the PNE later this afternoon... ACK!) I miss the simple non-busy life of Korr! And school hasn't even started yet!

Anyway, there have been many wonderful things about coming home. But there were a few surprises, too. Some of you know that I sublet my suite while I was gone, so I'm coming back to the same home I left. Apparently even my HOUSE missed me! It left me welcome notes all over the place. Here are my "welcome home" messages.

Hello, Hillary! Welcome Home After all that that time blending in with Africans, come blend with me! Love, Your Blender.

Hello, Hillary! Welcome home! It's about time that you got home - I've missed you. Love, Your Clock.

Hello, Hillary! I'm so glad you're home! I missed wearing this nice bedding and having you sleeping in me. Have a great rest - I'll take care of you. Love, Your Bed.

Hello, Hillary! Welcome home! You've put me on the shelf for too long - I feel so empty. Please stay and fill me up. Love, Your Bookshelf.

Hello, Hillary! Welcome home! I hope there's not too much sand in your clothes - that may hamper our relationship. Love, Your Hamper

Hello, Hillary! Welcome home! I'll bet you missed me more than I missed you. :) Happy flushing!! Love, Your Toilet

Hello, Hillary! Welcome home! I've heard the Kenyan drives are hard, but I'm a nice hard drive. :) Glad to see you! Love, Your Computer

Hello, Hillary! Welcome home! I've been here, waiting and keeping cold while you were so hot. Just stay home a while and chill. Love, Your Refrigerator

Hello, Hillary! Welcome home! You've been to so many remote places. It's about time for our relationship to get clicking again. Love, Your Remotes.

Hello, Hillary! Welcome home! I heard you have been "cheating" on me with a bucket. That's ok. I'm glad you're back. Love, Your Shower.
Awwww... ain't it nice to be loved??? :)


anne said...

Haa ha ha ha haaaa!!

That's so sweet! :)

Jean said...

That's GREAT!!! How fun. :)

niki said...

This is awesome! Sounds like your subletter is a pretty cool cat.

Hillary said...

She definitely was, but I think my house had help from my mom to write there! :)

niki said...

mom's are awesome too!! :)