Sunday, September 27, 2009


Ok, I've been sitting on this for almost a month, sworn to secrecy, but I just got the go-ahead and I'm BUSTING to tell everybody I possibly can.....

Soooo.... This is my mom, Patt.

She's awesome... of course, anyone who knows her knows that already! My mom is a preschool teacher. And, seeing as she's awesome, she's also an awesome preschool teacher. In fact, she's won a number of awards for her awesomeness, including a particularly awesome award that they don't even give out every year, only when someone especially awesome comes along who deserves it. (It's official name is the Goldie Maycock Award, the highest honour presented by the Council of Parent Participation Preschools in our Province.)

But right about now, she's packing her bags and will be headed here to see this dude. And why? Oh, because HE thinks she's awesome, too.

Next weekend, my parents are headed to Ottawa so the my mom can accept the... wait for it, the

Prime Minister's Award for Excellence in

Early Childhood Education!

Let's add a few more exclamation points to that, shall we?


The parents in her school nominated her earlier this year, and SHE WON! Not just in her preschool's organization. Not just in the province... this covers all preschools Canada wide. Only 10 people in the entire COUNTRY are receiving this award, and MY MOM is one of them! She gets an expenses-paid trip to Ottawa and, in addition to the awards ceremony will be taking part in seminars and round table discussions, will be taken on some VIP tours of some of Ottawa's historical sites and points of interest, and will we welcomed to a reception at 24 Sussex Drive, the Prime Minister's official residence. (She was musing in an email, "What DO you wear to the Prime Minster's house???")

So, GO, MOM!!! This is so freaking cool!!!!!

Oh, and lest you think this honour will go to her head, here's a picture to show you her silly side is alive and well. (This is her dressed up for preschool's infamous "Backwards Silly Day.")


Echojuliet said...

Congrats mom!!! That is SO cool!

Canadi-Ann said...

Wow, that is soooooooooo cool. Glad to hear these awards & events happen to encourage great teachers in Canada. :)

niki said...

way cool, congrats to your mom! This is awesome!!(!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The Mama said...

Thanks, Hunny! This is cute. Love you. The Mama

Jean said...

So totally awesome!! :) I can tell you so take after your Mom Hills! :)

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

The second photo is the best! Way to go, Mom!

nachtwache said...

That is wonderful! It's great when deserving people get recognition!! Congrats!!!