Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Snippets of a desert life - Bedtime

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Missionary Midnight. It’s a term that at first I chuckled at, but have realized that it’s quite the reality. The heat is really draining, and while during the day I’m usually ok (sweating, but ok), by the time 9:00 hits, I’m done. I’m generally up an hour later than that, but that’s stretching it to the max! And for me – a super crazy night owl – that’s EARLY! But I have to say, I have a peaceful bedtime routine.

When it’s time to hit the hay, I’ll take my bucket to the water tanks and fetch water. Back in my room, I take my basin down from the table and dip my feet into the now-cool water, washing off the smudged of red dust that coat my feet. I open my door and toss out the water, then pour the fresh water in, ready to wash my face and be used for another day of hand washing.

I grab my toothbrush and my bottle of water and stand outside to brush my teeth under the most amazing sky I have ever seen – there is ZERO light pollution here in Korr, and lately the moon doesn’t rise till the wee hours of the morning, so it is PITCH black outside. I listen to the chirp of the crickets, the nearly deafening buzzing of the wood-borers (like really huge bumble bees that drill into wood) living in my roof, and, if there’s a hyena nearby, the frantic bark of dogs and whooping of the hyena.

Back inside, my intention each night is to journal some significant events of the day, thoughts, prayers, but usually I just crash into bed. I don’t even sleep under the sheet – I don’t have a blanket: who needs one??? – because it’s so hot. I might read a little, but mostly I just lay there listening to the sounds of a desert night and enjoying the wind that blows through my glass-less windows, bringing at least some relief from the heat.

As I drift off, I thank God once again for bringing me here to see and take part in the incredible work he is doing here in the desert.


anne said...

What a beautiful visual picture. And auditory! :)

nachtwache said...

Ditto! So you have a buzz all night long? I'm enjoying waves of heat, I'll just imagine being in Africa, not in Menopause :)
Keep save and well.

natasha said...

Watch Natsha Naked!