Sunday, February 01, 2009

Going Buggy!

Can I just say right now that I am having absolute HYSTERICS right now with the amount of bugs in my room??? I’m not normally buged by too many bugs, but AYE! I’m kind of having heebie jeebie attacks right now! My room has corrugated metal walls, and there are so many bugs zipping around in here that they make big clanging sounds on the walls as they hit them, drop to the floor, start flying again and hit the wall once more. (Not the smartest bugs, apparently)

And also? Totally zapped the biggest coackroach ever with “Doom,” which is like Raid, and he fell to the floor on his back and fluttered and buzzed around for a few minutes till he went silent. I assumed he was dead, but now he’s NOWHERE TO BE FOUND! Great! Now I have some robo-cockroach hopped up on doom loose somewhere in my room! Gaaak! Don’t know what’s worse, that, or seeing another cockroach in the outhouse (luxury! I don’t have to squat over a hole!) after I got up scuttle UNDER THE TOILET SEAT. Mental note. Check under the toilet seat from now on for cockroaches.

BLAAAAH!!!!! One of those giant flying bugs that keep hitting the walls just flew into my neck! Bleugheugheugheugheugh!!! That’s it, I’m taking cover under my mosquito net. Which I see already has at least three giant flying things inside it. Superb.

Oh and also? We don’t walk ANYWHERE at night without a flashlight cause that’s when the scorpions are out and the nearest hospital is a four hour drive away. Uh huh. Welcome to Africa!

Sarah Cool, think your bug vacuum can handle cockroaches the size of my THUMB??? Care to send it over?

ARUGH! Another giant flying bug just hit me again, and you should have seen the heebie jeebie dance I did as I thought it went down my shirt!!! Eeeeeeh, now it’s on my beeeeed!

Seriously, I’m whipping myself into such a frenzy (and I’m sure will feel really dumb reading this in the morning, but I DON’T CARE!). Man, the night guard must think I’m insane for all the sounds coming out of me right now. Must go set up net. No more being lazy…..

[From inside net] Ahhh.. so much better. There are still all kinds of pings and pangs as the bugs hit the walls, but at least now they’re not crawling around on my bed and hitting me in the FACE.



nachtwache said...

I got some good laughs reading this. Nicole would be totally freaked out. You do write well!

Shelbs said...

Ha...I would be saying the same things. I feel for you Hillary. It's amazing how a mosquito net can feel so secure :)