Thursday, March 20, 2008

One Two Three and I'm off!

Three things.

One: Happy first day of spring!!! Yes, I know it's almost over. Happy first day of spring anyway! :)

Two: Ho-lee. I was checking statcounter this morning and saw a H-U-G-E spike in hits today. What the? Like as in, six or seven times what I get in a day, all by 11am. What? Turns out that a spring photo I posted last year turns up in google images when you search for first day of spring, and HUNDREDS of people have flocked to my blog today. Crazy! It was a popular image, apparently. (Too bad I can't take credit for it!) Heh. Go to google and try it. It's a yellow flower, blue background, and it says "Think spring." Or, you know, if you have a life, feel free to skip it. Apparently I don't today.

Three: SQUUUEEEEEE!!! In 8 hours I am off to Seattle for three solid days of DANCING!!! Yessirree bob, it's another fantabulous dance convention! Like October's, but BIGGER! And BETTER! Aaaaand, I'm not packed, not showered, haven't emptied my memory cards, still need to do the dishes, and ooooh, I dunno, maybe SLEEP a bit? Heaven knows I won't be doing much sleeping while I'm there!

Lookout feet, here I come!!!!

I'm hoping to get some good video of me dancing now that I actually have a camera with sound on the video. If they're not banned. Hmmm...


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Jean said...

have a fantastic trip!!!