Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I thought a break was supposed to help STOP things like this

I'm spring cleaning yesterday and today. Windows open, get the dust out, bring the fresh in, dust out the cobwebs from the corners, organize the pile(s!) of papers everywhere, down and dirty type spring cleaning.

I just walked to the storage room/hall closet, got the vacuum out, and brought it to the living room - about 12 steps round trip.

I walked back to the storage room to get the broom and brought it out to the kitchen. Maybe 10 steps round trip?

Then I walked back to the storage room to get the vacuum. Yes, the vacuum I just brought to the living room.

I looked left, looked right, racked my brain as to why the vacuum wasn't there. Who could I have lent it to? Did Becca still have it? Did I leave it up at the place I was volunteering last month? (er, yeah, I don't vacuum that often) Gah! Where's my vacuum?

I walked back out to the living room to call Becca and see if she had it.

And tripped over the hose.

Oh! There's my vacuum!

Mama mia!


anne said...

You're hysterical!! Though that's totally something I would have done...

Katrina said...

That's hilarious! I've heard those called "senior moments", but I don't think age has anything to do with it, as I've been having them since I was a kid! You just have a busy brain--it can't be expected to waste space on mundane details like where you left the vacuum! :)

sarah cool said...

hahahaha.... i can totally see this happening. i would have LOVED to have seen this. hahaha!

Homsar said...

I'm convinced that as soon as I put something down, my brain assumes that I am done with it forever, and immediately deletes any knowledge of its whereabouts. So I can totally relate.

Sarah said...

My talent is hiding things on myself. I put something that is really important in a special spot so I can't lose it, and then of course forget where I put it. I have learned thought that I typically think spots high up are good spots to put things (must be because of the puppy), so as long as I look up I will usually find it. I can't even count the number of things I have found on the top of the fridge, on top of cupboards or various other odd high up places! you think I'd learn :)