Thursday, January 17, 2008


Whenever I plan events/parties/dinners or whatever, I like to use Evite for the invitations. It sends a message to people's inboxes and then they click through for all the details and to RSVP. It's handy, I've used it for a while, and I enjoy it. One of the features is that guests RSVP's are posted on a message board/wall thing-a-ma-bob and they can choose "yes," no," or "maybe" and leave a message for you should they so choose.

My birthday is coming up, so I sent out the evite earlier this week, and a number of people have replied. It seems it's a popular weekend, so there are a number of people who can't make it. Ok, fine. What gets me are the reasons. No word of a lie, here are the resaons they can't make it:

* Awesome initiative. I'd help out but I will be in South America. Have fun!
* I am so sorry but I am in Ontario for the first two weeks of Feb!
* Hillary, I'd love to come, but will be in Africa. Hope you have a fantastic day!
* Hi, unfortunately I'll be in Mexico, dancing on a cruise boat. Want to do it there? :) Have fun!
* Sorry, we'll be at Big White [a ski resort about a 4 hour drive from here] skiing.

Ok, forget my birthday, lemmie go with one of THEM! Sheesharoonies!


Abbey said...

Dang! Your friends really get around!

Hmmm...that came out wrong...

Let me rephrase...they sure do travel like crazy!

There. Much better.

Katrina said...

Wow! How does it feel to be part of the jet set? Happy Birthday! I think your friend who's going on the cruise should smuggle you on board in her luggage. :)

Jason said...

While the idea of smuggling girls in my luggage has a certain appeal, I don't know how flexible Hillary would be. I mean, you don't see her moving her birthday because I can't make it, do you?

Melissa said...

Hillary: Whenever I get to Vancouver, we can celebrate your Birthday (it might not be for months, but so what? ;) )

Jason: I think Hillary's birthdate is something you'd have to take up with her parents... many many many years ago...

anne said...

No kidding! Those all sound like fabulous things to do!

nachtwache said...

You can't change your birth date, but you can change the date for the birthday party. Maybe all those travelers can bring you some really neat presents from their travel destinations. Least they can do.
I'm positive you'll have a blast no matter what.
Did you fall asleep at the work shop you went to?

Kaz said...

I am planning on coming. I am canceling my tour of Europe that I booked 2 years ago for which I have saved every last penny... but YOUR BIRTHDAY!?! I am so there!!!!