Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Spring Break!!!

Oh my goodness, I have been BUSTING to talk about this for nearly the entire two weeks I have been away....

I have finally nailed down my spring break plans, and I could not be more exited!!! No tropical vacation or trip to back to Paris for me (which I was looking in to until I remembered that I don't have a MONEY TREE in my backyard!!! I really need to rectify that.) Nope, I'm going to small town Iowa! Ah-WOO-HOO!

My very-bestest-friend-in-the-whole-wide-world (hi Rachelle!) and her hubby live there with their two boys, one who I have yet to meet! He'll be 5 months old when I go down to see him. I am SO looking forward to seeing them! I definitely miss seeing them all the time since they moved down there nearly two years ago... NO! Wait... THREE years ago. Wow. They used to live 8 blocks away from me. I miss them!!!

BUT, that's not all!!! I have met lots of very neat-o people through blogging. Three of those neat-o people are Sarah Cool, Anne, and Jean. Sarah lives in Cincinnati, and Anne and Jean live in Michigan (Ann Arbor? Grand Rapids? Somewhere in that area...) They are each such neat women, and I really enjoy reading their blogs and corresponding with them over email. I've chatted with Anne a bit on messenger, and Sarah and I talk on the phone sometimes, too. They have truly become friends, not just people whose blogs I read.

So, I figured it's about time I meet them!

After spending a few days in Iowa with Rachelle and Nathan, I'm taking the train up to Chicago and meeting up with Jean and Anne and Sarah for a total girl's weekend!!! We're booking a hotel, going to go see a show, and taking in the sights in Chicago!


I've been telling friends that it's simultaneously the nerdiest yet coolest thing ever! It amazes me how small the world is getting!

So here I sit doing a little excited dance in my chair! I fly out in 18 days!!!

Here's Anne!_____Here's Jean!_____Here's Sarah!


Abbey said...

FUN!!! I cannot wait to see the pictures from your adventures!!!


Jean said...

I know I'm looking forward to it!!!! :) :) :)

As you said awhile back and it's what I have seen a lot on my e-mail....

sarah cool said...



Adina H. said...

That sounds like such fun Hillary! You'll have a great time I'm sure! Brent and I visited Chicago a couple of years ago and it was awesome - the field museum was amazing! Oh, and the beautiful park just across the street from the museum, and the art institute museum... good time! Enjoy your vacation! They are much needed in our lives! :)

Anne said...

WOW! I can't believe it's really so soon!!!

I think my pic isn't quite as fun as the other girls...I look rather bookish. Course, I suppose I can be rather bookish. Huh. It was taken in Chicago though! :)

YAY!!! We are going to have a BLAST!

Paul said...

That sounds like pretty much the most fun spring break that you can have outside of Paris, and without silly hats, people stuck in gas station restrooms or complicated directions from furniture salesmen.

On second thoughts, you really should try to involve some silly hats in some way.

Anonymous said...

How cool is THAT??????? We had a NWA blogger's circle lunch once. I knew most everyone there...but there were some I'd never laid eyes on. The blogging community is very neat indeed.

Ellen (reign of ellen) needs to have a picnic and invite all her kings and queens over to play. - Shelli

sarah cool said...


Rachelle said...

I'm getting so excited to see you too! And don't worry - we got power back yesterday, so we aren't living in cold and dark anymore and neither will you!

Hillary said...

Phew, cause, you know, I was considering cancelling my ticket!


AS IF!!!

(and wow... FIVE DAYS with no power? Yikers, dearie. See? Ya shoulda staying in Vancouver. Um, and then had no power cause of crazy windstorms. Yeah, well, I tried.)

Garrett said...

You seem WAY happy.

I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Hillary said...

haha, Garrett, yeah, I guess this post DOES seen a little over the top, eh? I'm excited, what can I say? :D

Queen Bee said...

Oh how incredibly fun will that be? Both parts of your way cool vacation!!