Sunday, February 11, 2007

OK, OK, OK!!!

Wow. That little 'men's cologne' post sure generated a lot of interest in the comments! Also, when I got home, I had THREE messenger windows open with people asking about it, AND one voicemail. Hokey dinah.

I was going to leave it as an enigma, but I'm afraid of what some of you might do to me if I don't explain myself! haha!

So. Friday after school, I had to call one of my student's parents to just explain a comment I made to her in class about her assignment. Messages have been crossed before, so anytime this same issue comes up, I call the parents to explain the same thing to THEM so that we're clear. I believe it's called covering my a$$. I made my phone call and went back up to my classroom.

So where does the cologne come in, you ask? I noticed it while I was on the phone, but didn't really think anything of it, other than thinking, "Phew! That's STRONG!" But an HOUR later, up in my room and an entire floor and opposite end of the building later, I was still catching whiffs of the cologne on me. From using the telephone.

There's a teacher at my school who kinda bathes in it... though it's never overwhelming when you're talking to him, so I don't know what's up with that. But he's also always on the phone (during non-teaching times), and the phone in the nurse's room and the phone right outside his classroom pretty much permanently smells like his cologne.

So much so that *I* smelled like it an hour after using the same phone.

So there's the story. Sorry it's not juicy! hehe. Or is this just a cover-up...?
(HA! Yeah right)


nachtwache said...

:) you go girl, keep 'em guessing ;)

Melissa said...

I assumed nothing. That's why I asked :)

-Now just be glad that the days of the phone booth are pretty much gone! :)

sarah cool said...

I smell a cover up!!!!!!

And.... it smells like men's cologne.

Hillary said...

Nope, no cover-up! Cologne-ridden phone was truly the cover-up! Alas... ;)

Wendy said...

way to keep us guessing! love it.

Rhonda said...

I wish I smelled of men's cologne!

Melissa said...

Not if it's from a phone! :D

Hillary said...

oops, I meant to say "cologne-ridden phone was truly the CULPRIT."

Geesh. Now this is just getting silly.

Paul said...

No, this is getting silly.

Hillary said...

Paul! Holy smokes! Where do you FIND these things??? That's hilarious!

And? If you have time to find all this stuff, YOU HAVE TIME TO UPDATE YOUR BLOG!!!!!


AfricaBleu said...

I'm sorry -- I got stuck on the phrase "Hokey dinah" and never got to finish the post. I never have heard that particular phrasology before, but you can bet your boot-ay I'll be using it. Hokey dinah, yeah.