Saturday, February 10, 2007

A breath of fresh air

I went down to Stanley Park today to get down to the beach, to walk, to enjoy the sunshine, to take some pictures, to clear my head a bit. I realized I needed to allow myself the time to just relax and do something I enjoy doing. I need to do way less of what I usually do, which is fret about the work I have to do, and not really do the work and not really relax, either. More work. More play. Less fret. It's a recipe for a happier Hillary. I need to spend more time doing things that make me happy.

"Is it something that makes your life better?"

That's a question a friend asked me a while back, and it's become a really good measure by which to judge whether what I'm doing is worthwhile (not that I remember to use it, but hey, it's a process!).

So let's take a look at today, shall we? It was a beautiful day. Sunny and clear after many days of grey. And, sorry to all you socked-in-by-snow-and-freezing-your-tushies-off folks out there, but it was warm. (I even saw a few folks out in shorts, one guy in sandals! Crazy!) Despite all the downed trees, the park was still, well, Stanley Park. There's a reason it's called the jewel of Vancouver.

It was BUSY today, too. But with the business comes the kids, comes the families, comes the "Give me another underduck, daddy!" and the "Look mommy! A jellyfish!" and the run-skip-and-jumping and the kisses on the tops of toussled-haired heads.

I love watching families playing together.

I love being by the ocean.

I love taking out my camera and just shooting whatever.

I love looking at the incredible, glorious place that I live.

I love hearing God saying, "I love you."

Was it something that made my life better? Absolutely!


Jenn said...

oh, what a great way to spend the day.

and what an absolutely great photograph!

happy and blue 2 said...

Liked the photo. It reminded me of the two days of summer we get here..

BarbaraMG said...

It was a beautiful day wasn't it? I love days like this that let us know that spring will come again.

nachtwache said...

Yes, sunshine, warmth, a beautiful day! We went to Granville Island, we had to meet up with the honest citizen that found hubby's cell phone, so we combined that with an outing, the dogs enjoyed it too.

Queen Bee said...

What a great photo, Hillary! It was a beautiful day :)

And you can't just gloss over the men's cologne post, we still want to know!

sarah cool said...

Did you take that picture, Hil-dear????????? I LOVE IT. Wow!!!!!!

And the only time I smell like men's cologne is when I HAVE BEEN KISSING A BOY or accidentally get between a trigger-happy saleswoman wielding a bottle of Tommy for Him and a (lucky because I got in the way) customer.