Friday, August 18, 2006


Well, I just spent about 45 minutes going through my photos from the last two weeks or so, all set and raring to upload them. I had copied them to a folder on the computer, then the computer crashed and I lost all the selections I had made. So, wasted time for me, and no photos for you. Grrr.

Sadly, I did leave Vernazza, and headed to Nice. Nice is a big city. I got super grumpy on my way down to the beach. I was walking through a major construction zone (they're putting in a rail/tram line all along one of the major streets) so it was loud and dirty and stinky. It was also grey and really realyl humid. Yuck yuck yuck. I got to the beach, raring to swim anyway, when it started raining. Pouring, in fact. Disgruntled, I headed to the (horror!) McDonalds and downed a milkshake while looking over my city guide and just wanting to leave. Urg.

Things bucked up a bit after that. I met a whole bunch of people in my hostel around dinner time and we all headed out to a bar for the evening. It was a pretty hilarious night, mostly thanks to this crazy Turkish guy in the group who was OBSESSED with his hair. So much so that he'd go to the mirror in the bar and check it every ten minutes or so. Then, if he wasn't happy with it, he'd restyle it. With beer. Hey, he had no gel. Oy. Anyway, it was a really fun night.

I headed to Eze today, a little medieval town between Nice and Monaco, with Rachel, an Aussie from my hostel. In the afternoon, I did actually manage to get to the beach. The waves were crazy. Some were nearly twice as tall as me! Most were only as tall as me. Ha! I got pounded into the ground more than a few times. I'm gonna be sore tomorrow! :)

Anyway, it's late, and I'm frustrated with computers. Sorry 'bout the pictures. It's tricky to actually get them from the camera to the CD to the computer to the website while I'm on the road, and it takes a really long time. Maybe I'll do a few next time. Rar.

Tomorow: off to Aix-En-Provence...


niki d said...

wow!!! Sounds AMAZING! That Cinque Terre place sounds, wow. Have fun in Aix-En-Provence!! :) Glad you're meeting people, especially glad for the Christian you were able to connect with. Awesomeness!!!
~niki~ :)

sarah D said...

Hi Hillary,
Loving all your posts! (even without the photos). Sounds amazing,


Jean said...

That sounds so NICE! ha!!! are having one fabulous trip!

Anonymous said...