Saturday, June 25, 2005

Show N Shine

I went to my first classic car show last weekend... how fun! I have a friend who is really into classic cars, and my parents were volunteering at the refreshments booth (as a fundraiser) so my friend and I went together. There were cars from as early as the 30's there - wow! I couldn't tell you what any of them were (thankfully each car had the model and the year on little info papers... not that I needed it, my friend knoew almost all of them!), but they sure looked cool!

I took a few pictures... anyone want to help me label them (ie. I've forgotton what they are now!) ? I wish I had taken more. Next time!


This one's a ___?


I love the lines on the front of this car.




Cool grill!


There was a little trailer set up like an oldies diner... wanna share a soda?

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