Sunday, June 26, 2005

Chicoutimi Reunion

Back in May and June of 2001, I went to Chicoutimi, Quebec for a French language program. It was an amazing 5 weeks, with classes in the mornings and all kinds of great activities in the afternoons and evenings. My class was great, and my instructor was hilarious! There were three people who I hung out with a lot while I was there: Colleen (from Toronto), Greg (from Victoria), and Debbie (from Kamloops). We kept in touch a litle bit after the program, but not a lot. And before a few weekends ago, it had been probably two years since I had talked to any of them.

Well, except for Colleen, I guess. I few months ago she sent me an email telling me that she was coming back out to Vancouver between finishing her year at school and going back to Germany where she has been working the last few years. So was chatted on MSN every now and then, and made arrangements to meet up while she was here.

In hte beginning of June, we met up and did the tourist thing all over Vancouver one Friday afternoon. Then that Sunday I picked her up for church and she came to church with me, too. While she was back at my place and we were continuing to reminisce about Chicoutimi, we had the brainstorm to try and get hold of Greg. Neither of us had talked to him in probably 3 years, so who knows if the number we had for him still worked, but we decided to give it a shot.

*Ring* *Ring* Hello? / Um, hi, is Greg there, please? / Yes he is, one minute, please...

YAHOO!!! (no we did'nt actually SAY yahoo! :P )

Greg came to the phone and Colleen and I said hello: "Hi Greg, it's Hillary... and Colleen... (together:) from Chicoutimi!"

I don't think he knew what to say! He was jsut eating his lunch, minding his own business, then right out of the blue, there we were! We yakked for a bit, and Colleen mentionned that she was gonna be on the island the next week and they they should hang out, and then she told me that I should come out, too.

Um.. I work, not gonna happen (thought I'd love to!) Unless.....

My school gets out at noon on Fridays, so the following Friday (June 10) as soon as the bell rang I was off! The plan was to head over to the Island, hang out for Friday afternoon/evening, crash at Greg's parent's place, then come back early Saturday morning. Little did I know how much FUN it would be!


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