Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Who says you can't do all your shopping 3 days before Christmas???

Well, I'm done-du-du-done! I started my Christmas shopping 9am Tuesday, and finished it at noon on Wednesday. Not somehting I"m gonna try again, but in a crunch, it can be done. Now comes the wrapping... oh MAN! Ribbons and tape and paper are eveywhere!

In among all the shopping frenzy I had lunch with a friend of mine... I re-learned a very good lesson through that... don't jump to conclusions and make assumptions (I think that's gonna be a life long lesson, *sigh*)! I had a momentary lapse of my usual "assume the best in everybody" outlook on Monday, and it made for not a happy me. Dunno what happened there. A good chat over lunch cleared everything up and I'm back and as happy-go-lucky as ever (and a teensy bit wiser, which is a good thing!).

Lemmie jsut say, I am SO grateful for my friends - every one of you! You are all wonderful people who each add so much to my life, and who are often God's voice to me. Thank you for encouraging me, listening, and yes, even for giving me a kick in the pants when I need it! You're the bestest!

Well, I suppose this sap-fest is a little off the original topic, but it's MY blog, I make the rules! (Can you tell this is still new ofr me??? *tee hee*)

Merry Christmas!

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