Thursday, December 23, 2004

Comptine d’une autre été

As I listen to track 4 of the Amelie soundtrack, a strange kind of nostalgia sets in... not the warm fuzzy nostalgia of Christmasses as a kid, but kind of a sad, longing nostalgic feeling... part sad, part wistful, part just simply tired of the runaround and the daily grind. It's Christmas eve in 3 hours, I still have so much to do. I just want to be at home with my family right now, but there's too much to finish here first. I ordered pizza for dinner cause I have no groceries (I mean, NO groceries!) and thought of everyone at home having homemade pizza... yum. Yet there I was by myself eating Panago out of a box. Yuck! That's not what Christmas is supposed to feel like. I think I"m getting tired of living by myself. I crave interaction way too much. But it's highly unlikely I'll get a roommate - that would involve moving, etc etc etc... too much work. But boy, someone around would be nice. *sigh* Well, off I go... I'm bound and determined to get home tonight. That may mean arriving at midnight, but so be it. Once I'm at mom and dad's I'm officially on vacation... no more cleaning, no more "stuff I've gotta do." Just time to enjoy Christmas. Merry merry. Man, why does it have to go by so stinking fast?

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