Monday, April 07, 2014

The hunt for the dress!

I never have been the girl to have binders full of wedding ideas, so when it came time to start shopping for wedding dresses, I was lost.  "What kind of dress are you looking for?" is a question that makes me tongue tied... but let me tell you, this is such a fun process! It's made even MORE fun by shopping with my mom, Kevin's girls, and two of my very best friends.

And let me tell you... there are some reeeeealllly pretty dresses out there! After trying on I don't know HOW many dresses with mom and the girls, I had it narrowed down to thirteen favourites.  I know. Thirteen. But they're all so PRETTY! After the shock of seeing ME in a wedding dress started to wear off, I began thinking, "Heeeey, I could get used to this!"  I think my friend Becca has the right idea when she finds opportunities to wear her dress every now and then!  I keep telling Kevin we need to get married several times so we can use all the venues I checked out and I can wear multiple pretty dresses (cause we SO have the money for that! Bah ha!).

So two of my best friends rose to the challenge this past weekend and helped me narrow my thirteen down to five top contenders, with the help of this template:

My wonderful friends sketched and schemed and snickered and gave me five remarkably accurate (hence "3D Hologram rendering") diagrams and descriptions to help me remember the dresses as I take time to percolate and come to THE dress! How fun!

And those dresses? Yep - they totally make me want to swish like a bell and twirl like a ballerina! Squeeeee! Of course, the REAL reason it's so fun?

Cause it means I get to marry my great love!

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