Tuesday, February 25, 2014

To do lists and tulips

I have downloaded a to-do app on my phone, and it's glorious.  I can make categories (so far I have seven - school, wedding, Africa, internship, fundraising, packing, general)! And prioritize! Add icons! Set dates!

Sometimes it's wonderful, and I can go along my merry way checking things off. Sometimes I just stare at for an hour and then go take a nap.  Or, ya know, watch Netflix.  Yessiree, I pay eight bucks a month for a distraction, but oh, how I need it sometimes.

Turns out, even though all we're doing on the wedding front is booking venues, caterers (maybe), and officiants, there's still a lot to do as I finish up my masters, work, plan a wedding, raise funds for Africa (hey! my Fundraiser/Social is this Saturday in Vancouver - come on out! It'll likely be the last event I have in Van before I head to Kenya. Click here for details.), and do the myriad of little tasks to get ready to go - not to mention packing up my house and hosting wonderful friends and family who will be coming to Calgary to visit me. Seriously. I am SO grateful for my life right now.  My heart is so full of joy for all I have and how much God has given me!  There's just a lot. to. do!

Oh! And.  I'm hoping to find my dress before I go, too. My wedding dress! My. Wedding. Dress. Whaaaaaat????? (I keep telling Kevin, I get these flashes of "Really?! Is this my life?" He just smiles and hugs me close. Happy sigh.)  I've never been the girl to pour over bridal magazines or window shop at dress stores.  I have no idea what I'd like.  But I can't wait to get shopping! Squeee! And I am so excited to get to go with some great Calgary friends, with two, maybe three of my best friends from Vancouver who are coming to visit me in Calgary, and with my mama who's also coming out.  I am blessed indeed!

So in the middle of the crazy, I am so, so happy! And in the middle of the cold (it's a balmy -19 as I write this), I am looking at a vase of tulips.  I saw them at the grocery store - stupid expensive but I don't care! - and decided I needed a little spring on my table.  The make me smile - a little colour, a little pop of that early spring green... the promise of growth and good things to come.

Yes, indeed!

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