Friday, January 15, 2010

If you HAVE to go to staff meetings...

We're working on starting a behaviour system at our school known as Positive Behaviour Support (where we specifically and directly teach kids what is required of them in terms of behaviour - what a novel idea! :) ) and this past week we were to do the first lesson plan centering around behaviour expectations for moving through the hallways and stairways.

The handout from our principal included a few suggestions for our lessons:

* Drama activities highlighting hallway and stairway behaviour
* Writing activities
* Art projects such as posters
* Classroom discussions
* 12th century style lectures (monk habit and rosewood lectern available for loan upon request)

I'm sorry, what? Read that last one again.

During the meeting, I joked about wanting to borrow the habit on Thursday morning for my lecture.

"Sure! It's actually a snuggie."

If you have to go to staff meetings, at least we're kept amused!

Oh, and in searching for a link or an image of a snuggie, I came across this and I think I'm traumatized.


Jean said...

haaahaaa!!!!! That's a freaky picture!!!! it's like a kangaroo pouch for kids. Sarah would like that! ;)

AfricaBleu said...

I was already writing a comment about how I'd be GLAD to send you a pic of me in my Snuggie, when I decided to look at your link--OH MY WORD!! That is so horrible and funny--that woman is enacting the movie, _Aliens_ with her own kid!

HORR-IBLE. And funny.

Rachelle Luitjens said...

thanks for the laugh! that was awesome!

Mary said...

If the kids are entering into a parasitic relationships with their teacher (ala Aliens movies); it maybe time to retire!