Sunday, May 17, 2009


Don't you just love coming to my blog and seeing THIS in your face? These guys like to hang out in my room every night. It's pretty fun.

Sorry, my story teller seems to be broken these days. I'm having a hard time making time, motivation, and computer power happen all at the same time to get some stories up. Camel rescues, desert rivers, sleepovers, holidays, funny kid limericks... for now, let me just say that along with the various insect plagues after even the littlest bit of rain come lots and lots of hunting spiders. Big ones. In my bedroom. I think they're technically not spiders, but they look like spiders, so that's good enough (or bad enough?) for me. Super huge and lightning fast, they are really really creepy. And, oh yeah, they jump, as I discovered after trying to take this one's photo while it was on my door holding a large cockroach in it's jaws. GAK! It jumped off the door towards me and I may or may not have done a little heebie jeebie dance, complete with squeals. It then ran back up on my door, and into the crack between the door and the frame. I slowly closed the door enought to kill it, and it made the most horrifying CRUNCH! Bleurgh!!!!

Once I was convinced it was dead, I scooped it up (it's front legs apparently stick straight up when it gets crushed?) for a photo session. Aren't you glad I did that???


sarah cool said...


I immediately scrolled through the picture without looking, and even so, I'm terrified.

Hillary said...

Sarah, now how did I know that you would be the first to comment on this??? LOL! Your bug vaccuum would be too small to suck this baby up!

nachtwache said...

Hillary, it eats cockroaches? then it's your friend, no? Well, as long as it doesn't bite people. Do any of the creepy crawlies get eaten when people are hungry?

Jean said...

i'm glad i read this after I ate my dinner. or am I? :)