Monday, May 25, 2009

Desert Alive

You know, it’s absolutely amazing how this desert comes to life after just a tiiiiny bit of rain. One night just before I got back to Korr from being in Nairobi in April, I heard that it rained for about half an hour over night. We has seven minutes fo rain overnight one night shortly after I got back, then about two weeks ago it rained again in the late afternoon for another half an hour. An hour and seven minutes over three weeks… and the desert is alive!

Trees that looked absolutely dead – just sticks and thorns – are now covered in little green leaves, making the hills look completely different. Little green leaves have sprouted up through the rocks and soil, and are growing big and tall. At first glance, it still looks pretty barren, but in comparison to what it was, there is green everywhere!

It’s not just the flora that has come to life. There seems to be a cycle of flying, jumping, crawling things that arrive after the rains. Moths, beetles, inchworms, you name it. They all come in cycles – first the rain, then the moths, then the beetles, then the inchworms… kinda reminds me of the plagues of Egypt! :) In addition, the scorpions are out, the spiders are out, the flies are out… everyone’s showing up for the party.

With all the green around, too, the sheep and goats (development agencies have dubbed them “shoats”) have come back to town and they are everywhere. As are the donkeys. Grazing at the school, grazing at the church, grazing in our yards… I helped two nearly three year olds chase a whole herd out of Grant and Loki’s yard this morning! Following the sheep and goats are the hyenas hoping for a tasty meal. Life certainly abounds around here these days!

Among the goats and the bugs and green, I found this on my way to school one day, and it made me smile. It amazes me how God is constantly bringing life from the dust and the stones. With a little water, this dry and thirsty place is coming alive. Hmm… sounds kind of like what’s happening to my heart!


Magical Mystical Teacher said...

I live in a corner of the desert Southwest, USA, and I never cease to marvel at the way this barren wilderness springs to life--and blooms!--after a paltry amount of rain.

nachtwache said...

You have a great way of describing things. So you're finding this experience heart invigorating to say the least?
We have it much too good for our spiritual wellbeing, dont we.
I think I need a bit of that rain.

Rachelle said...

Isn't God wonderful?!