Thursday, April 10, 2008

So many blog posts, so little time!

It is really starting to annoy me that I have SO many post ideas but just don't have time to sit down and write. I really like sitting down and thinking through a post, tweaking it, getting it jsut right, but that takes so dang LONG that I rarely do it. I jsut don't have time.

For example, this week...

Monday: Work all day, rush off to tutoring, rush off to young adults, do a mini presentation, stay for the evening, out for drinks (and dinner, cause it was nearly 10 and I hadn't eaten yet) till 11:30. Home and work on a power point presentation till about 1.

Tuesday: Work all day, stay till 7:30 prepping , organizing, & planning, come home, do dishes, work on powerpoint, stay up obscenely late again doing something, I forget what. Probably the powerpoint.

Wednesday: Pro-D day - Underestimate how long it would take to get downtown for the conference/goal setting day. Rush into friend's visitor parking at the last minute and get to park for free. (SCORE!) Work all day. Go for run along sea wall. Ok, attempt run along sea wall with nearly 10 pound backpack (purse, coat, clothing, dress boots, litre of water). Dumb community center had no lockers. Walk back. Go to tutoring. Jump dead battery. Drive around for 20 mins to charge it. Stop to buy dessert for dinner & Bible study. Go to Bible study. Come home around 11:15. Finish poweroint. Go to bed past one for the third night in a row. (See that time stamp? That's when I STARTED writing. Why am I blogging now? Cause I'm WIRED)

Up for Thursday? Work all day, including behviour roundtable discussion and earthquke drill. Rush off to Summer school meeting after school. Either go back to work to clean/plan or go home to laundry and more powerpoint/movie maker. Dance lesson at 8:30, will probably stay for the dance till 11 or so.

Friday? Work till noon, go for the run I should have done today, stay till 5:30/6. Either go to wedding shower or drive to Abbotsford (an hour away) for a meeting/info night (related to all these powerpoints!).

Saturday, for the love of all things Holy, SLEEP IN.


No WONDER I'm so bleeding tired.


Jean said...

I think I need to go take a nap after reading your schedule!

Melissa said...

Earthquake drill?

Are you eating? Make sure you're eating. Towards the end of the day I suggest soup (I suggest soup for lots of things) and chocolate chip cookies. During the day you can OD on your yogurt :)

nachtwache said...

I hear you! There's never enough time if you have to work full time; life has gotten too busy, or time goes faster.
You're young, you still have energy that I don't have anymore. I just do less, I need my sleep and some down time.
Soup is always good for you;)

anne said...

Geez girl!! Take a breath or something!! :)

heather said...

Wow. This is the kind of schedule I could NEVER keep. You're one of those people who can run on little sleep and tons of activities, but for heaven's sake - say no to something (besides rest)!

sarah cool said...


we need to catch up. i need to hear all about whatever boy news you happen to have happening in your life!

Katrina said...

Whew! You are one whirlwind girl! I like the sleeping in part, though. Remind me--what's that like?

Hillary said...

Jean - yes, me too! Though with two kidlets, I've got nothing on you!

Melissa - I AM eating. Helathy eating, not so much, but I am eating. Yogurt is good at ANY time of the day! :)

Nachtwatche - I dunno, I'm noticing my energy waning already! Boo hoo!

Anne - breathing. In. Out. In. Out. Wait, too busy!

Sarah and Melissa - Right, I forgot that not everyone does that! Vancvouer is on the Pacific Rim - same (I think?) fault line as in California. Or maybe not. But still, they keep telling us "the big one is coming!" When I lived up north, they did fire drills and grizzly bear drills. You know, what to do if a grizzly lumbered into the playground. Yikes.

And Sarah - boy news. HA! But yes, we should catch up! Hmmm... phone call? Email me!

Katrina - same as my comment to Jean. Mommys amaze me - you've got soooo much more to juggle! :)