Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Private *UPDATED*

I'm taking things private for a while till some stuff gets sorted out. 99.9% of you are welcome to view my blog. But there are certain things - like my life - I'm just no longer comforatable with certain people having access to. And it's no-one who's told me directly that they read my blog, just so that's clear, nor is it strangers.

Email me at bygrace253 at yahoo dot ca (or preferably my other addy if you have it) if you'd like me to email you an invitation. Don't be shy! If you read even occasionally - and even if you never comment (it's you I'm most sad about potentially losing!) - send me an email and I'll send you back an invitiation to continue reading. It'll be easy, I promise! Emailing back may take a few days, but I will.

Things may be wacky on here for a few days while I get things sorted out, so if you're reading this on a feeder and it doesn't show up when you click through, don't worry. Just email me.

*UPDATE* - Sorry, but there's a time limit on this. I need to hear from you by Thursday at midnight if you want to get an invite to my blog. It's a pain, I know. Sorry.

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