Wednesday, August 08, 2007


Posts about the rest of my trip will follow (I'm home now), but for now, here's a video I found via the Beatnik Poet. I'd love to hear your thoughts - girls AND guys - c'mon, guys, I know you're out there! I'd love to hear your thoughts/reactions/yays/nays. What do you think?

Cheryl James: We Follow Your Lead


nachtwache said...

AMEN!! Wow, so well put and yes, God's plan for us. Some men do stand up and lead, some women have to, because the men don't.
Not all woman will follow down the wrong path, not all men lead you there. But still too many.
In the Bible, where it says: "Wives, obey your husbands" it's followed by: "Husbands, love your wives as you love yourselves." The husband is meant to be the head of the house as Christ is the head of the church, even willing to die for the family, to lead by serving. A big responsibility.
If a husband leads like that, his wife will gladly follow. Because he'd think about her, take her wishes to heart, basically "carry her on his hands", being loved like that, most women would want to make the husband happy.

Jenn said...

oh, I'm torn, I'm torn...

while I appreciate the performance for the poetry and the presentation, I must admit to having a reaction to the notion of subservience (my word, not hers, of course!). I do accept and respect my husband's lead in certain matters and value his opinion in all, but that is the result of a trust that has built up over time, not a predetermined role.

as it is with anyone whose lead I follow - man, woman or otherwise.

Nici said...

Hmm, interesting poem. Definitely food for thought. But I don't know if I agree with her ...

As a German, I probably have some other associations with the phrase "We/I follow your lead" than most Americans or Canadians...
My personal oppinion: I think she is wrong when she uses this phrase as an excuse or justification. Everybody has the responsibility to choose their leaders very very carefully. (So I agree with jenn from the previous comment.) Just because somebody is male or claims to be Christian doesn't automatically make that person a good leader.
Also, I think there is a big difference between a woman following her husband's lead and women in general following men's lead.