Monday, July 02, 2007

Why you should NEVER trust your friends

Saturday night, three friends came over to my house for an evening of chardonnay and silliness. It was great fun. We had goiter cheese (seriously... what WAS that stuff? It was some kind of soft-ish cheese that smelled like a campfire, looked like a goiter, and tasted like... well, cheese), strawberries, grapes, chocolate, and a few rather large bottles of chardonnay. We played silly games, and were all very sleepy.

Some more than others.

Let me just say this. School has just finished (HALLELUJAH!) and all the go-go-go of the year, and in particular the last month, is starting to catch up with me. I'm one tired chicken. AND, I've been up at 5:15 every morning for boot camp, pushing my body to it's limits (and having to at times lift my legs into the car cause they're too sore to move on thier own. And boy-howdy, don't make me laugh after core day. Them abs is SORE!). So there's that aspect of tiredness, too. And, we did a 15 km hike earlier that day. AND I'd had three glasses of chardonnay. And I don't usually drink. And it was almost midnight.

So I fell asleep on the couch during our game. That's right. DURING. I still had my cards in my hand. (Click any picture for a larger view)

My so-called-friends began to plot and scheme...

And then the deed was done...

...along with some carefully placed props

Oh, but that wasn't enough. Nooo. Seeing as I was still holding my cards, and apparently didn't even flinch when they DREW ALL OVER MY FACE and took over a dozen flash pictures, they decided they'd have to go for more. Do you SEE the evil on her face???

I'm surprised they were merciful enough to just paint my nails, and not grace me with silver eyelids or something. It was only for fear of wrath and revenge when I awoke, I'm sure!

It must have been the fumes that woke me up.

And the camera man? Looks sweet and innocent here, but no! He's a black-hearted part of the axis of evil as well!

They told me, "Hey, Hillary! Show us your fingernail!" So I did.

Just you wait, my pretties. One day, when you're least expecting it, I'll be waiting for you. You will rue the day. RUE! I tell you!

Muah hahahaaaaa!


Jean said...

HAAAAAAAAAHAAAAA!!! That is absolutely hilarious!!!

I think Sarah's going to fall out of her chair with this post!! :)

sarah cool said...

I DID!!! Hahahahaha!!! This is the best thing ever!!!

Did that dude sleep with a spatula to protect himself from revenge?????

leesepea said...


I think the post should be called "Why You Can Never Trust Chardonnay."


Anne said...

SO FUNNY!!! Oh to have been in on the fun!

I'm surprised you ever went back to sleep!!

And are you sure it wasn't Gouda cheese? Seems like goiter is a medical condition... ;)

Emily said...

heheheeee Too funny. I especially like how you so gracefully showed off your freshly manicured nail.