Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Ssssmokin'! [UPDATED]

It's HOT! It's been hot the last few weeks, and it's supposed to get even hotter today and tomorrow. Record breaking temperatures, they say. Up to 35 degrees (95 farenheit), they say Be careful of your power usage, they say. A transformer's already blown downtown from all the air conditioning units working at top speed.

And I'm teaching summer school. With no air conditioning. Longer hours than regular school. Booo. BUT, it's money, which is nice. And I'm taking tomorrow off to enjoy the sun (heck, I don't get paid if I don't work - no sick days in summer school - so I feel ZERO guilt at all) and some time with my very bestest friend in the whole wide world (I really should condense that... VBFITWWW? Yeah, that's even harder to type!) and her hubby and their two cutie-patootie munchkins who I hardly ever get to see cause they live in Iowa. Yes, I am aware that that was pretty much the worst sentence ever written.

So I'm gonna stop writing here and leave you with some pictures of summer fun. Click either picture to view the whole set. There are some gems in there. Don't miss out! :)

And kayaking:

UPDATE: edit: it got up to 38 yesterday. THIRTY-EIGHT! That's 100 degrees, folks. For temperate Vancouver, that's H-O-T! No WONDER I was melting!

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shawna said...

i would LOVE some 35C heat here!! i'm freezing!!! although already today (at 7:30 am) we're above what it was yesterday at 11am!!. i don't do well in cold weather. i can never move back to canada in winter (i'm very hesitant to even visit in winter)