Wednesday, June 21, 2006


That, my friends, is the sound of my head exploding. I have too. much. to. do. There's just too much going on right now, and it's making me carzy. See? So carzy that I can't even spell crazy right!

Stuff to do to get my house in order (ha! like THAT'S ever gonna happen). Stuff to do for Retiring Teacher's party. Stuff to do to get my classroom all packed up for the move upstairs to "real teacher land." Stuff to do to get ready for summer school. Stuff to do to get ready for my trip. Stuff to do to get ready to go river rafting this weekend. (Oh, yeah, I'm going river rafting this weekend, yipee!) Stuff to do for just general living. (Mental note, I need to buy milk.)

AAHHHH! I need myself a serious "stuff to do" list or I'm gonna go bonkers. (Of course, here I am bloggin instead of tackling some of my gargantuan list of things to do, but that's beside the piont. Hush!)

OK. Rant done. Carry on, people, carry on.


This week I've started to tell my students, many of whom I've had for three years now, that I won't be the music teacher at my school anymore. I've gotten a range of reactions from cheering (thanks a lot, twits! ... actually, come to think about it, the kids who cheered are the kids I'm not really gonna miss dealing with anyway, so nyah nyah, it's mutual, kiddos! eep, did that just come out of my... er... fingertips? I mean, I love all my little darlings equally, yes, that's it...) to a dear sweet grade two girl wailing, "Oh, nooo! What will I ever do without my favourite music teacher?!?!?!?" then promptly running up and throwing her arms around my waist. A little dramatic, yes, but still... warm fuzzies! Well, not so much when I had to pry her off, but you get the idea.

But it really is hitting me that I won't be, well, the whole school's teacher next year. I LOVE coming back from getting coffee or a bite to eat at lunch and having throngs of primary students run up to me all waving and smiling. "Hi Ms! Bonjour Madame! Hello Ms!" Or looking out over the sea of heads at assemblies and thinking, "These are all 'my' kids!" And I'll miss interacting withh all the staff, too. Right now, I talk to everyone, because I teach their classes. But next year, I won't even see the primary staff that often becasue we'll have different recess times.

So in the midst of the chaos, frustration, and exhaustion of the last few weeks of school, I'm enjoying the moments that make me smile: A grade one student announcing to his teacher after I told him I was going to teach grade 5 next year, "Ms. is going to be a REAL teacher next year!" Students spontaneously bursting into a song I've taught them when I pass them in the halls. A grade 8 girl who came back to visit and still remembers some silly chant I did with her at the beginning of grade 7. It's that kind of thing that makes me sad to be moving on. I made all the kids promise to still say hi to me when they see me in the halls! :D

A special hello to Auntie Connie! She's the bestest! *grin*


Happy0303 said...

Boy, you sure do sound busy! Just remember . . . I'm going to Europe, I'm going to Europe, I'm going to Europe!!!

H0kie Erin said...

I know what you mean about knowing all the kids. Seems like I've had them all (in all 5 schools).

Mom's kids freaked when she told them she wouldn't be their teacher next year. The ones at summer school ask me daily if I am going to be their writing teacher next year. Ha. I wish.

Oh, and for that list:

happy and blue 2 said...

Having your own class will be cool. And if you will miss the other kids from the music class why not teach music to them after class and every weekend and holiday..
Who says you can't have it all, tee,hee..

Connie said...

Hee Hee, you mentioned my name, am I famous now? Hil's the bestest too! Love A. Connie.

niki d said...

Different recesses?? My goodness, how big is your school? I remember being shocked my friends high school had different lunch hours. Yes, I'm from a small town. :) Anyways, this is mostly about me. Umm, you sound busy!! Remember, EUROPE!!! :) Happy thoughts. I can advise you on things, *Swiss*, questions? Ask away!! Hokey long comment... :) *hugs*

Hillary said...

A. Connie - yeppers! You've made the big-time now! Haha!

Niki - there are nearly 700 kids at my school. It's bigger than the high school I went to! We had to go to a primary and intermediate recess cuase teh little guys jsut weren't getting the chance to run off enough steam when they were relegated to the "primary area" of the playground. Crazy, eh?

Jean said...

Happy end of school year! And I hope you enjoy moving on to something different!!

btw...remember to get milk! :)

Lindsey said...

Sounds like life is all busy busy... so roll on Europe... it sounds like its going to be one busy busy trip :) thanks for the reminder, I need to buy milk too!