Friday, June 09, 2006

And today was Friday

After the week o' drama, I was kinda hoping for a calm day today. And I was almost home free, too. The kids were gone, I had handed in my marks to all the classroom teachers before school, and I was packing up my stuff to go when one teacher told me that I had to have a particular comment set on my report cards. A set I, indeed, did not include (an overall evaluative statement using specific wording designated by the ministry of education: "___ meets/does not meet, fully meets, etc expectations in music this term.").

"Oh, no, not for music. I was told last year that I wasn't supposed to use that comment set for music."

Well, it turns out that indeed, I am, even though the comments *I* wrote instead say essentially the exact same thing, with a few specifics added to highlight what we've done all term.


I had just finished giving the marks and comments to all the teachers, and some had even entered them in their report card program already. Aaaand, now they have to be changed. It ends up being a fairly easy fix (if you have comment #16, also choose #1, if you have #17, choose #2, etc), but still... it's another weird confusing wrinkle for classroom teachers to figure out, it's an annoyance for them, and it's going to make ME look like I don't know what I'm doing when really I was going on incorrect information. Whatever, most of the teachers at my school are really understanding and it won't be a big deal at all to go back into the system and click an extra box for each child. But RAR! I sure wish I had correct info to go on when I STARTED the report cards, instead of after I had them all DONE!

This hiccup today made me realize something about myself: I'm no good at dealing with a change in plans. I find a solution quickly, and it all works out, but when I have got something planned out (in my head or otehrwise) and there's a last minute change thrown in, I go temporarily insane. My stress level shoots waaaay up, and I go into major frustration mode for a bit until stuff gets figured out. And the way I deal with stress? I talk.

"Oh my gosh I was told not to use these comments so I didn't and now I've given out all my marks only to find out that I DO have to use them and what will I do my life is over I'll have to spend my whole weekend redoing my marks and everyone's gonna be so mad at me and and and... AAHHHHHHH!"

And it always gets figured out. And it's never usually a very big deal. It just seems that way in my head. In my crazy, crazy head.

*deep sigh*


happy and blue 2 said...

Change sucks. Even if it isn't a big deal. Because it is even if it isn't..

anne said...

Have a couple more big sighs. It will be allll gooood. :)